We make it easier to navigate the college admissions process.


Gaining admission to college has become more unpredictable than ever. Most public high school counselors can only give a limited amount of attention to each student because of the sheer number of students they serve. Without personalized guidance, it is easy for students to paint themselves into a box filled with preconceived notions obtained solely from questionable rankings, national championships, or other families’ opinions.


At Runways To College, LLC, we work to empower students so they can find colleges where they will fit in and thrive. We offer individualized attention to high school students as they navigate the college admissions process, and help alleviate stress and tension for families during the process.

Our mission is to provide professional guidance and personalized attention to students and their families.  We strive to find  colleges that match the student academically, socially, and financially, and to replace stress with joy throughout the journey.  We offer support to families with students from grades nine to twelve, and also to current college students seeking to transfer schools. We also offer assistance to students interested in aviation.


Malinda Schantz
Owner & Head Consultant

Email: malinda@runwaystocollege.com

Phone: 919-322-9821



About Malinda


Malinda loves to research and keep current on college admissions practices. Every year, she visits colleges and universities and connects with admissions officers - whether in person or online. She also attends professional webinars, conferences, and networks with other educational consultants. Malinda earned the Independent Educational Consultant Certificate from the University of California—Irvine and completed IECA’s Summer Training Institute.

She earned a Master of Science degree in library and information science from Simmons University, a Master of Arts degree in musicology from Rutgers University, and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Meredith College. Professionally, she has worked in music education for over 20 years, been a librarian at Harvard University, and worked in the airline industry. She adheres to the ethical standards outlined by IECA and NACAC. She understands the admissions process from the standpoint of being a parent also, as she enjoyed being an educational consultant to her two children, ages 20 and 23. When Malinda is not working, she enjoys reading, playing tennis, cooking, and traveling.

"I can’t say enough about how absolutely dedicated Malinda is to the student she is working with and their success. She is aware of the most current data, very approachable and supportive, and goes above and beyond to ensure success. Malinda immediately established a strong rapport with my daughter and developed a plan and timeline at our first meeting for the process. My daughter felt supported and guided as well as empowered to determine which schools might be a good fit for her. The process promoted independence and accountability. My daughter really enjoyed working with her and appreciated and respected her valuable feedback. I would absolutely recommend Malinda and her services."

S.C., Class of 2021 Parent